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So I had this idea

It's Saturday, mid-morning, and I am sitting outside on the deck of my house. It's hot, but not stifling in the shade. I can feel the pollen invading my nose. Bastards. While looking through Chris Glass’s website, I saw his post on Cincinnati flags, which then randomly had me thinking about the old days of the internet (which doesn't feel that long ago for someone in his fifth decade of life), and a site I loved Coudal Partners and wonderful endeavour called Layer Tennis. World renown designers would arbitrarily compete by trading their creations and add to them round by round until a winner was declared. All of this flashed through my mind in just seconds.

While those thoughts collided, I also had a gurgling and growing anxiety that had been festering for months about creating a new website for Pixel Recess — and all the issues with creating something interesting and informational and unique. What better way to get something done by creating outside pressure and ridiculous goals and fun active participation int the creation of a thing than designing and building a website while everyone watches? And without thinking too much about it, I posted on LinkedIn and Twitter (sorry Facebook, I'm over you) that I would be creating a new website for everyone to watch.

So here we are. All of this is an experiment in shortcuts and empty paths to nowhere we call the creative process. I hope it’s worthwhile for you, as much as it will be in yielding something useful for Pixel Recess.

11:12 am
Saturday, May 21, 2022