what's a venture studio anyway?
While many aspects of a venture studio are similar to a traditional studio or agency, the difference lies in our intent.
Like a studio or agency, we are focused on outcomes related to design and branding, business development, funding strategies, and solutionineering (I just made that awful portmanteau up, and I hate it). But our intent is to work with and help founders who are in the impact space that need venture funding to realize their goals.
So why did we decide to become a Venture Studio? Our skillsets and our passions have changed. As we’ve gotten older, our interest in building great startup businesses has become a goal to help startup founders. As a venture studio that desire now aligns with our expertise – helping founders create and improve their products.
it's not a normal studio
The biggest difference between Pixel Recess and a traditional agency or studio, is that we are more focused delivering actual outcomes than on tracking our time, or itemizing lists and checking off tasks.
We are a collaborator, working side by side with founders and teams to focus their stories, refine their brands, and improve their products, to make them more enticing to customers and valuable to investors.
“Why would I want to give up equity to you, and not another incubator or startup accelerator?” The truth is, maybe you should. Accelerator programs provide structure, resources, and often some decent cash, but they also dictate and limit help based on their schedule, often don’t provide experienced mentors, and operate at a scale that can’t provide personalized attention that can significantly propel your business. While we don’t offer cash (at the moment), we have the experience, expertise, and guidance nearly impossible to find in even the largest accelerator programs, we also do all of this without an expiration date.

These are very important words!

We’d love to be able to help everyone, but we might also not be the best solution for what you need. Either way, we’d love to find out. It might seem like we’re asking for a lot of details, but really they are essential to knowing where and how we might be able help. So click this button and we can figure out if we’re match, or if it’s us ... not you.
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