Who are we?

Well, who’s to say who anyone is really. What we believe of ourselves rarely matches with how others see us. Nonetheless, here are some very brief paragraphs summing up the total of a century of work and toil and learning and struggling and bathroom breaks and every now and again wonderful dinners that make you realize heaven can be found on earth.
We are former college roommates (before Paul transferred away to the constant disappointment of Mark) and lifelong friends who seemingly share a brain. We are creative thinkers, who embrace the child-like silliness that keep us inquisitive accompanied by self-effacing humor cultivated to protect those inner children. We are both passionate about helping people who want to improve the world. That is why we are focused on Impact and venture – because so many founders who have important missions need some direction, a better story, more refined ideas, and more paths to opportunity.

Mark Hubbard

Partner, CEO
A well-known mentor and investor, Mark brings decades of management and capital markets experience to his role as CEO of Pixel Recess. He has directed billions of dollars of capital, launched one of China’s most successful asset management JVs, founded a global private equity firm, and mentored hundreds of enterprises from startups to global corporations. An adept operator and strategist, Mark has also been a leader in entrepreneurial ecosystem building and on the vanguard of impact investing, social innovation, and sustainable nonprofit design.

Let’s find a time to talk

Though my time is limited, I want to be open with my time to anyone interested in growing their business, getting feedback on their pitches and positioning, or offering insights on funding strategies.
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This is Paul Armstrong, and he's smiling in a way that let's you know he's knows

Paul Armstrong

Partner, Head Of Design
Over the past quarter of a century, Paul’s career has traversed from working as an independent freelancer and within small studios, to heading up Design at one of the largest corporations in the world. Along the way, he cofounded one of Cincinnati’s earliest startups, ChoreMonster, which was accepted into the first class of Disney’s Techstars Accelerator. Paul next served as Director of User Experience at Ohio’s largest startup, Everything But The House before joining Proctor and Gamble as Head of Design . Paul possesses a passion for collaborating with product teams to create user-centered, focused, unique, and effective product experiences.

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I want to be available to any founder or creator or student or long lost cousin in Scotland to offer any insights or help. The link below will show you some times I have available to talk.
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We’d love to be able to help everyone, but we might also not be the best solution for what you need. Either way, we’d love to find out. It might seem like we’re asking for a lot of details, but really they are essential to knowing where and how we might be able help. So click this button and we can figure out if we’re match, or if it’s us ... not you.
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