A design & impact venture studio

Pixel Recess partners with amazing founders using technology at scale to address some of society’s biggest challenges.
We create exceptional design and branding solutions, as well as produce unmatched business insights and funding strategies.
Far too often founders have a great idea but no resources to build, or great resources but a vague idea. As a venture studio we provide expertise and experience to help founders navigate the overwhelming decisions they face.
It’s hard not to sound cliché and redundant and exactly like everyone else. You don’t want to be too clever and obtuse, making it impossible to tell if you’re talking about a digital product or a horse-based cryptocurrency.
Navigating the numerous decisions a startup must face is daunting
We aren’t an employee or a traditional contracted agency, who are more focused on time tracking and itemizing lists and checking off tasks than delivering actual outcomes. We are your collaborator, working side by side with founders and teams to focus their stories, refine their brands, and improve their products, to make them more enticing to customers and valuable to investors.
It’s difficult if not impossible to know what direction to take, when to hire and when to contract, when to focus on a feature and when to improve the features you have. More than anything else founders just need someone who can listen and empathize, to offer insights and knowledge.
As lifelong founders, creators, and builders of digital products with over 50 years of experience between us (which is a lot for a couple of humans who probably graduated college a few years), we understand.
Yeah, but who are you?
How does it all work?
We understand that as a startup, whatever cash you might have is limited and is vital to remain operational and functional. That is why offer ways to offset upfront costs through SAFEs (Simple Agreement for Future Equity). Or we can engage with you through more traditional contract work. We’re flexible. Our goal to help your startup grow and thrive remains the same in any situation.
What’s the deal with a venture studio?
“Why would I want to give up equity to you, and not world renown Awesome Accelerator Inc?” you might ask. Maybe you should. Accelerator programs provide structure, resources, and sometimes even a bit of cash, but they also dictate and limit that help to their schedule, often don’t provide experienced mentors, and operate at a scale that can’t provide personalized attention that can significantly propel your business. While we don’t offer cash, we have the experience, expertise, and guidance without expiration dates.
We could go on and on about the various types of help will provide to founders, both in what you see and don’t see. But rather than yapping on and on about it, how about we just look at the results.

Pay attention to this area!

We’d love to be able to help everyone, but we might also not be the best solution for what you need. Either way, we’d love to find out. It might seem like we’re asking for a lot of details, but really they are essential to knowing where and how we might be able help. So click this button and we can figure out if we’re match, or if it’s us ... not you.
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